A gentle stroll down memory lane

The late Mrs. Pathmavathy Suresh, fondly remembered as Pat, by her family members and close friends, left an indelible mark on the lives of all who knew her, when she departed from this mortal world to embrace her creator. This eulogy is a celebration of her life with us and a mark of respect for a lady who reached great heights in her professional capacity and touched the hearts of thousands!

Mrs. Pathma had been the pillar of strength for her family. Her children were blessed not only with a mother who poured her infinite love for them, but also a patient teacher who sat with them day and night tutoring them in their studies for them to attain success. She had worked hard to ensure that her children received the best in everything. Despite her successful career, she had not in anyway abandoned her family – always stressing that family comes first.

Not unlike the Hindu gods, Shiva and Shakthi, Mrs. Pathma has been the Shakthi for Mr. Suresh’s Shiva. Together, this dynamic couple had established a successful business that had helped thousands of Malaysian students to attain their childhood dream of becoming a doctor! Mrs. Pathmavathy’s untimely demise was felt by many of these students who are now practising doctors – some of them even stating that they would not be where they are today if not for this special Lady!

Mrs. P, as she was lovingly called by her staff and students, was a lady who had an excellent sense of fashion. She was always dressed perfectly and her wardrobe was the envy of many. With her exceptional sense of fashion, her natural beauty, and most importantly, that disarming smile – she makes an unforgettable impression on everyone who have been lucky enough to have know this great Lady. One of Mrs. Pathma’s greatest assests had been her humbleness. Despite having attained great success, she was always down to earth – not allowing herself to be entrapped by worldly possession. She was the same Mrs. Pathmavathy – whether she was meeting a Cabinet Minister or a labourer – never displaying any form of prejudice!   

She may not have been as popular as Mother Theresa or Madonna – but to all those who had been fortunate enough to have known her, she would always be remembered as a Legend on her own right!

Good bye Mrs Pathma – you have been immortalised in our hearts!




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